Secrets of Influential Parenting DVD Series

It’s no secret that parenting adolescents is a challenge… Does it have to be? Not according to YTN’s research with over 3,000 pre-teens, teens and families. The Secrets of Influential Parenting will prepare you for adolescence, change your perspective and equip you to move your 6-18 year olds into and through adolescence. This research backed approach is different then other behavior based programs. Families report less conflict, more genuine communication, increased influence, and more motived kids in life and school after changing their approach. If you want to improve the culture of your home and ensure that your kid's succeed when they leave home this will make a difference! It includes an implementation guide that helps parents engage their kids in the change. This DVD series has six 35 to 40 minute sessions that build a platform for change in the lives of your kid's! Our satisfaction guarantee allows you to order today and return it within four weeks for a full refund if you find the series to be the same or of little help.